perjantai 5. kesäkuuta 2015

I Got 99 Problems And 1080p Is One

Doing the Dead Rising Let's Play has been fun. It has also given me good practice on the spoken English front. However, I have found also that making videos at 1080p is way too resource extensive for my set-up.

I could do 1080p videos, but rendering and upload times are too long for more than 10 minutes per day. To get best compromised result I export high bitrate video from Premiere and compress it using HandBrake. This is due to the fact that Premiere just can't give as good compression/quality balance as the HandBrake.

For 20 minute 720p video, Premiere takes about 40 minutes to render 1080p master, HandBreak compresses and resizes that to 720p in another 40 minutes and upload to youtube takes about an hour. However for 1080p result, times required are 40m, 130m and 180m! That is massive difference!

It would also seem that better audio-interface/compressor would be nice thing to have...

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